BUtoFly (Be You to Fly) enables individuals and organisations to embark on a journey of transformation that takes them to an entirely different level of effectiveness delivering outstanding results for both individuals and businesses alike.

" Janine’s work transformed the culture and performance of Getronics, leading it to become a shining light and an industry benchmark, against which other companies measured themselves. Yet Janine also managed to focus on every individual, helping individuals to achieve both professional and personal goals, and become the best they can be.  Since leaving Getronics, there would barely be a week goes by during which I don’t think to myself, “That company needs a Janine Botha…”.   Mark Nahuysen, Queensland Health.  Read more of Mark’s testimonial.

My services include:

Contact Janine on 0407 485 152 or janine@butofly.com.au to discuss how I can work with you or your organisation to transform.

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